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Reshaping the Future of Global Education

At Iris Global Academy, we empower our international partner schools through innovation in academics and technology and collaboratively deliver differentiated education with an emphasis on higher-order thinking skills—creating life-changing learning outcomes for students around the world. Together, we reshape the future of global education.

Iris Global Academy

Iris Academy is a global high school, operated by Iris Global Academy. We are dedicated to building strong partnerships with top secondary schools around the world to provide students with access to differentiated education with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills while studying in their local school’s classroom.   


We empower our international partner schools to embrace their local expertise in teaching and learning. Iris Academy delivers a range of robust curriculum rooted in the High School Program and advanced by disruptive innovation in education technology, data-driven learning management, and comprehensive quality assurance services to ensure students reach their full potential and open pathways to their future. Our global high school program has reached a partnership base of 51 schools in 13 countries in its four-year partnership development.  

Global High Schools

Our Partner School Network

We work with our partner schools around a central goal—to create life-changing learning outcomes through a transformative learning approach. When students succeed, our partner schools succeed—and together, we reshape the future of global education.  


Iris Global Academy

Iris Global Academy is a leading practitioner and solution provider in scaling the delivery of global K-12 differentiated education. Embracing innovation in academics and technology, Iris takes modern education to new heights, delivering life-changing learning outcomes to students around the world. 

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