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Individual Growth
Plan (IGP)

The Individual Growth Plan (IGP) is a Rosedale-designed, student-centred program that provides a holistic view of student growth and fully utilizes school resources to meet individual student growth goals.

The Individual Growth Plan (IGP) is our signature student success service program in the Iris Academy High School Program with a vision that all students have the right to make choices in their education and must be empowered to take ownership of their own learning to acquire essential skills for their future. With the support of local school counselors, students develop their individualized career goals, university goal, and short-term development goals with trackable action plans, and acquire goal setting and management skills, which lead to life-changing learning outcomes and lifelong success.

Vision of IGP 

Goals of IGP

Ensure students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices on post-secondary education and career goals.

Develop detailed growth targets, action plans, tracking and reflection for students in every school year, in four areas: Personal Learning Plan, Skill Development Plan, Post-Secondary Institution Plan and Extra-Curricular  Plan.

Engage parents and the broader community in the development, implementation, and evaluation of IGP, to integrate and streamline efforts between international partner schools and their students, supporting student growth.

Our IGP Framework

The framework of the Individual Growth Plan (IGP) has three components: Goal Setting, Detailed Growth Targets and Action Plans, and Year-Long Goal Management Processes. Students collaborate with their IGP counsellor on an annual basis to develop or reassess their goals (semester, university, career), and work to develop detailed growth targets and action plans. During the school year, they execute their plans and will track, review and reflect on their progress. The three components of the IGP are not necessarily sequential—it is an evolving plan for the students and adjusted to each individual student’s growth mandate and development. 


IGP Resources and Practice
Training Program


IGP Platform
The IGP Platform is an industry-leading career planning resource platform that provides comprehensive and real-time data on university programs around the world, career information and employment statistics in a global context. 


IGP OSSD Credit Course

Designing Your Future is a high school course that prepares students to make successful transitions to post-secondary institutions by investigating specific post-secondary options, exploring the possibilities and realities of career trajectories, and developing an action plan for future success.   


IGP Weekly Workshops

We have developed a series of teacher-led workshops that support students in acquiring the skills necessary in the IGP program, and providing additional opportunities for career exploration through career seminars, guest speakers, alumni connections and more.   


IGP Practice Training Program  
Our IGP Practice Training Program provides counsellors at our international partner schools with detailed methodologies, resources, processes and toolkits for each component of the IGP. The program also supports counsellors in developing strategic and cohesive counselling skills so they can successfully implement the IGP at international partner schools.


IGP Resources and Practice
Training Program

The IGP Portfolio is a Collection of Evidence-Based Tracking and Reporting Documents, which reflect multifaceted student growth during the program.

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